Research Markets

Research comes first and can often be the most time consuming stage of a media buy. At Oceanside Media we have access to virtually all electronic media research available in the U.S. or Canada today.

Say you’re an ad agency or advertiser that has a need to explore radio advertising options in multiple markets. Just finding out what the radio station call letters are in each market can be a challenge. Then, figuring out who the “players” are in each market is even more challenging.

Oceanside Media can figure this out for you in a matter of minutes all over the U.S, and Canada.

  • We can identify all stations in each market in any radio market for you.
  • We can supply you with ratings information for every rated market in the U.S and Canada.
  • We will analyze ratings information for you as well as the market itself.
  • We will analyze the markets for you conceptually.
  • We will select media outlets based on this analyses that will do the best job at reaching the people you need to reach cost efficiently.



Who We Are

We assist ad agencies, and clients directly, in the planning, researching, placement, and billing of electronic media.  We are experts at researching and negotiating cost efficient media buys and we get the job done for you quickly.


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