Negotiate & Planning

Calling each and every station that you are interested in using is a time consuming effort. Place one phone call to us or send us one e-mail and we’ll get everything together for you quickly and easily so that it is effortless for you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

In addition, when calling more than one radio station in a market you are apt to receive biased research if you receive any at all. Local reps want to have their station appear to be top-rated so they present research that is biased. At Oceanside Media we rep all the stations and therefore have no reason to show you biased ratings. We are unbiased and we want to do the right job for you.

At Oceanside Media we are set up to provide “one-stop-shopping” and save you enormous amounts of time:

  • We are connected with thousands of radio stations across the country and in Canada and thus have the capability to quickly supply you with pricing for whatever stations or markets you need to explore. For those stations not already working with Oceanside we’ll get those for you as well.
  • Our relationships are primarily with the General Sales Managers and General Managers at the stations. In other words our connection is with the decision makers. These are the people that set the rates and are able to negotiate so that we can get the best deal for you.
  • We will quickly negotiate the pricing with a variety of stations in each market to see how each station stacks up against one another.
  • Then we will put together buys using stations that are top rated both statistically and conceptually to achieve cost efficiency and maximum reach and frequency.
  • At the same time we will negotiate added value options for you. This can include something as simple as the sponsorship of newscasts and bonus spots or be a more involved promotional concept. Either way we can provide this to help you extend your reach and frequency and stretch your advertising dollars as far as they can go. Each campaign is different of course and we will work with you based on your added value needs.

Negotiating and Planning

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We assist ad agencies, and clients directly, in the planning, researching, placement, and billing of electronic media.  We are experts at researching and negotiating cost efficient media buys and we get the job done for you quickly.


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